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»What does “<3” mean? Less than three?«

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Once someone close to you has passed, you cannot help but tell the people you love to ‘drive safely’. You can’t help but worry and think the absolute worst when you see there are 4 missed calls on your phone when you wake up in the morning. You live in constant fear that one day, it will happen again. That one day it’ll be too late to tell them how much they meant, how much of a positive impact they had and the difference they made to you and to the world. The attitude I now have when I have a disagreement with someone is, if I woke up in the morning and they were no longer here; was it worth it? You never ever know, what life has in store for you or others for that matter. Hurtful words said to someone else, could completely ruin you if anything happened to them and you meant none of it. Imagine that, that person going to their grave believing you ‘hated’ them; was it worth it, was that tiny moment of satisfaction where you stood victorious in the argument worth a lifetime of regret and heartache? You all know the answer; not a single soul could live with that or carry that burden. So don’t be stubborn, fuck your pride. Tell them that you’re sorry, tell them that you love them. We aren’t animals, we have morals, we have empathy, we are able to forgive. Life is too damn short for pettiness. The problem with today is, people live there life as if they have a thousand tomorrows and trust me, that’s not always the case.

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